Your less than perfect characters! What are their issues?


Not every character are models with perfect ratios. What are their REAL problems, not just tropes, or first world problems, like how they don’t have the latest Macbbok Air.

What facet have you instilled in them, that makes them unique, relatable, and, to some, less than perfect?

My main character has a small laundry list of rather embarrassing issues. Nobody’s perfect!

What are your characters facets? :wink:


In my upcoming novel, In the Dark, I would think that for Asher’s issue… you know, besides him having grief and whatnot, it would be how he can’t confess his feelings to his Gothic friend, Freyja. They’ve been friends for years and he’s always had a crush on her, but even as a young adult (he’s twenty-two), he has problems with fully letting out his love for her. xD


My character is Brenna is a girl who has a hard time accepting that the people in her life are there to stay. She’s constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop and she’ll either have to overcome it or it could be her downfall.


Mmgh, Xi has a number of hung-ups because he feels that his mother chose her lover over him, he is unsure of who his father is, and he makes logical choices over the emotional ones, but always regrets them, and sometimes tries to reverse them. He also procrastinates a few hard emotional conversations, and does not finish one of them, which has unfortunate consequences. He is easily offended by the deviations from the straight and narrow.


Though I have yet to write about them, (because I’m always in the forums :sweat:) my MC’s issues include, but are not limited to:
criminal mischief
unprocessed grief
being an idiot, in general
He also has a slight dominance over women issue goin on, but…


Almost every single one of my characters have a personal problem, but I’ll just list the important ones:

Dmitri: The main character. The entirety of the story is him trying to reflect upon his own shame. He thinks he’s done something right by getting rid of someone of authority, but that costed him his reputation. Some people hated him for doing that, some people liked that. The fact that everyone knows about his existence is rather pressuring.

Greta: The female lead. Despite looking like a strong independent woman with an ego problem, she does so out of her own insecurities and her background. She always tries to square up with Dmitri to the point of annoying him.

Rin: A man who looks so stoic in every way. However, he is extremely kind and sweet. Because of his good nature, he becomes very passive to the point that he lets people trample over him(despite being a powerful character). This stems from his own loneliness and desperation of connection with other people because of his background.

Ratesh: a hotheaded prince who’s also wise. The only problem is, once he gets too emotional, he becomes too physical and less rational. Like Greta, he suffers in a sort of insecurity, but is much expressive about it. Because he’s an illegal child of two unwedded rulers from different kingdoms, he becomes touchy over being mentioned his odd appearance. To reassure himself of these criticisms, he frequently pushes people away and inflates his ego for a short period of time.

Izia: The new tsar of the Kivan Empire who’s known for his intelligence and sharp tongue(despite sounding so gentle with an angelic face). This man suffers with a case ignorance to the point of mentioning stereotypes and racist comments to certain characters(ie. he asked Rin is he ever worked in a brothel because the nation Rin comes from was known for male prostitution). This also stems from the fact that he was extremely shielded from the world because he was often frail and sick. Most of his knowledge tend to come from local sources of his nation, which are often manipulated out of the country’s former propagandas.


These are the flaws and quirks of my characters

Daxfoss: Always having an existential crisis
Samai: Slight arrogance
Elyeria: The ability of stop caring about people (e.g. if her friend of ten years tries to kill her she’d kill the friend without hesitation) and analyses everything around
Daki: Bookworm
Claudvius: Egotistical, can’t take insults, other opinions or anything less than worship and he’s violent
Provira: Extremely fake and manipulative


My main character, Aria, has always been able to find out people’s deepest darkest secrets. She doesn’t ask to know anything, but due to her… nature, I would say, it’s just something that always happens to her when she’s around a certain person. Sometimes people will usually just admit to stealing/cheating or something that isn’t that big of an issue. But the darker the secret, the worse it is for her when it comes to finding out about it. Like the more evil someone’s secret is, the more it’s projected into the persons demeanor and physical appearance, similar to possession but not necessarily so. Not sure if that makes sense. But my point is that she definitely has heard a lot of messed up crap from people. This contributes to her having a lot of trust issues and what not.


Zari literally cant remember anything, just bits and pieces with no distinction and it’s frustrating because her mind tries to convince her of things.

Gabriel takes care of everyone and worries too much, enough that he has stomach issues a lot and pops rolaids like candy because he’s always full of anxiety.


In my SciFi story QueerSpace my main character Maybell can’t stand the fact that she dislikes Genetics (basically human Furries), even though she enjoys having them as lovers. Honest truth be told, she feels inferior as a normal human being surrounded by people who have Horse or Cow or Cat DNA in them.

It also doesn’t help that she smells like fish. :confused:


Ezra has no idea how to fix problems without starting fights. She looks down on people who aren’t of a certain social standing. She’s incredibly irritable and bad with people.


Sethral - Racist, thinks too highly of her own ideas, dominates discussions
Silversand - Always distracted
Whipper - Has an inferiority complex
Ryatzi - Doesn’t see the wrong in killing
Taz - Keeps a strong ‘in’ and ‘out’ group and only treats one kindly
Jay - Literal anxious train wreck


In my novel, A Different Class of Magic, my MC has anxiety and depression, his cousin has a drinking problem, his romantic interest has abusive parents, his roommate is cursed. I don’t believe in perfect characters and I write as such


Ava - acts before thinking of the consequences and has a problem with following through with orders, which is what led her downfall in the first place. The reason for book one. (She also has a problem with drinking too much.)
Gio - is too laid back, but when crap hits the fan he takes things too seriously. He’s also a glutton for attention and secretly envious of Ava (his sister) for her sword skills, her confidence, and being a female (believes she has it easy).
Mika - likes to over plan things and when he fights he takes chances that are life-threatening. It will get him killed one day (jk jk lol xD)
Sam - lets others push him around and feels the need to please everyone regardless of his own feelings or wants on the matter.
Darious - believes he knows more than most, but that he still knows nothing at all. Lacks confidence in his ability to lead.
Marc - was always told he was perfect, which led him to be self-conscious about his every move. Hard on himself when he messes up. And afraid of having responsibility.


Hmm let’s see. I’ll use my two favorite flawed characters.

Shiobhan’s issue would be she has trouble letting people in. She’s truly convinced herself that she doesn’t actually need anyone, not even her loyal mentor Elias, and so why should she make friends? But reality is if Elias ever did leave her then she’d break like a bag of ice.

Max has been so emotionally and physically beaten by his brothers and father that he genuinely thinks he deserves everything bad that happens to him. It’s hard for him to see himself as anything but a pile of crap and he doesn’t deserve Tayla.


The characters in my current WIP have a lot of mental illness, unresolved trauma, bad habits, grudges, cowardice, and selfish feelings (but I love them anyway). So far I’ve found that the more flawed the character, the more fun they are to write


In my novel, The Legend of the Moonflower Princess, Sahara struggles with a lot of insecurities and low self-esteem due to being shunned by most in the society she lives in; many believe the large scar she has on her face is a result of witchcraft, and thus treat her horribly. She wants to leave and explore the world, but she’s resigned to live out the rest of her life in loneliness.


One of my MCs is too quick to violence and anger. The other MC has a bit too much of a smart mouth in bad situations and doesn’t really listen to those who don’t agree with her.


Elijah Marks is me if I was man who had all of my negative qualities and never made the right decision.

He’s a man-child, indecisive and overdramatic. He otherthinks and loves too much. All of this is very negatively impacting him as a character. It has led him to lie to his fiancee and father-in-law, to cheat on his fiancee, and wrongly physically hurt his lover due to his own guilt. And it’s not that he’s actively trying to upset anyone, but he’s so afraid of the thoughts of others, he’d rather lie to try and keep the peace which creates more problems.

Whereas I think so much over stupid stuff that doesn’t matter, and almost always choose the morally accepted decision in any situation otherwise. My heart is large but that is an asset, I’m not a cheater or a liar. Yes, when I do something wrong, I self-punish myself but it’s all mental and goes away fast…Elijah allows himself to waste and play the “woe is me” card so hard that no one wants to punish him.

And to think someone like him is the protagonist of a historical LGBT vampire romance novel lol


Eclair is a caring older sister to her sister that skipped a grade and is in the same class as her, a kind friend to the friends they make, and is friendly to everyone she encounters. However, I plan to deconstruct this to the pint where these qualities become an unhealthy obsession with others’ happiness to the point where she neglects her own well-being and worst of all she refuses to acknowledge any negative emotions and stuffs them inside. She even tries to get others to simply forget about or stuff in their negative emotions.