Your less than perfect characters! What are their issues?


For my released novel, “Trauma’s Child”, and in-the-works sequel “Fear’s Matron”, Madilyn Hughes is a character that I tried to make as real as possible, while still having a unique trait of having basically two personalities. There is the depressed, stay-away-from-me emotions caused by years of isolation, but there is also the purest form of a fighting spirit laid back underneath the veils. When she feels like being social, she is cocky, proud, sarcastic, and generally a fun-loving wild card that refuses to take ‘no’ for an answer. However, that is also her biggest flaw in regards to the two personalities. For the depressed side, she doesn’t know how to keep going, but for the proud side, she doesn’t know when to give up. That might not seem like too bad of an ideal, but when lives are on the line, that makes things a lot more fun to write!


Remember Savannah
Margo: lacks confidence, afraid to follow her dreams, learning to forgive
Steve: Anger, hatred for certain people in his life

The Element of Life
Jasmine: father left when she was little, eating disorder, crazy ex-boyfriend, desperately wants to go to Paris
George: Controlling
Elliot: hates his dad (left Paris to come to America), gets what he wants

(WIP) Understanding Teenagers
Liam: Impulsive, too confident
Giselle: Stubborn, Can’t take rejection
Ava: Unsure of herself, scared of the future, stalkerish


My MC has a serious identity crisis: She has the power to change her appearance, but because she doesn’t remember or have pictures of her original appearance, she is always adopting alternate personas and isn’t comfortable being herself with anyone. She’s scared of emotional intimacy, so she drinks a lot and has meaningless sexual encounters. She also works as an investigator for criminals, sort of as a way to try and crush any emotional weaknesses inside her. Her only coping mechanism is her dream life, which throws her into a world with surreal versions of herself


Book 1
Ivy - autistic, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, social awkwardness
Liam - low self esteem, childhood trauma, heterochromia, adopted

Book 2
Sally - depression due to sexual harrassment, low self-esteem, she has problems conceiving babies
Shaun - struggles with addiction, and self-destructive behaviors, as well as depression


The book I’m currently writing is"Those Blue Eyes".
The MC Elizabeth is an enthusiastic liar. She also has no problem in bending the rules a little to get to the bad guys. In fact she was almost kicked out of force for being “too aggressive”. She always does stuff her way even when she is part of a team.

She will go to any length to complete her mission. Morality be screwed.


June has cerebral palsy and increasingly struggles to come to terms with the way people treat her.
Nathan is still haunted by an event that happened a number of years ago and is afraid to move on from it. He’s insecure and isn’t very good at making his own decisions.
Sam is a teenage boy who does stupid things to get attention from stupid girls. He’s judgemental and is a little too intent on following the rules.


Book 1:
Cass - whiny, a little self-centred, hypocritical, hates being thought of as a liar but will lie to achieve her goals
Elliott - judgemental, holds a grudge, reticent, smokes

Book 2:
Rose/Zhǐ Ruò - impulsive, problems with authority, cares less about her own safety and more for others’ to the detriment of her own, a little bit in love with everyone, will say exactly what’s on her mind
Tähti - slight superiority complex, bit of a martyr complex, always takes on more than she can handle, overprotective, dubious morality at times
Peyton - ambitious, power hungry, sexist at times, obsessive, easily susceptible to manipulation

Book 3:
Nate - lacks confidence, scared of intimacy, a lot of boundaries, can be quite mocking, a bit judgemental
Kallias - arrogant, sometimes doesn’t notice or takes a while to notice when his advances(/etc.) are unwelcome, is used to always getting what he wants, does not take his plans going awry well, possessive


My character Emily Randazzo is on the Autism Spectrum. So she deals with issues related to that - anxiety, sensory differences, social communication struggles.

Her parents went through an acrimonious divorce when she was younger. Her father cheated but Emily partly blames herself and her diagnosis, which made the family have some rocky years due to her meltdowns, parents disagreeing over therapies, etc.

So she’s worked really hard with her psychiatrist since her parents’ divorce to find ways to understand neurotypical folks, decrease her anxiety, reduce her meltdowns, and avoid getting bullied again (which she experienced in her past school and skipped 8th Grade to move on to a happier school situation)

She also struggles with whether or not to disclose her ASD to people.

Her mom is pretty sad and stressed as a single working mom. She can be very strict and over-protective with Emily.

Her older brother basically ran away from their apartment in Brooklyn and petitioned the court to live with their Dad in NJ. Emily is really hurt and angry about that so she barely speaks with her Dad or brother for ten months.

In the short term, she’s trying to experience “typical” high school things - she wants to have a good kiss (she’s had one and it was terrible), she wants to work up the nerve to talk to her crush, etc.

In the long term, she aspires to attend Yale. So schoolwork is a priority, as she needs to get really excellent grades. Since she’s not doing very well in Chemistry there’s a bit of a problem there. She also has a religion class called “Morality” and the term paper topic is hard for her because it requires her to apply “St. Augustine’s Confessions” to her life. The first draft she hands in to her teacher is handed back with instructions to do it again.

She gets into a fight with her best friend.

So yeah, she’s a character with a lot of stuff going on that’s beyond not owning fancy clothes.


Erin doesn’t know when to stop. Ever. The majority of the worst events in her storyline are her trying to help, making everything worse and then trying to fix what she messed up. The plot points not caused by that are caused by her temper which makes it almost impossible for her to predict the consequences of her actions.

Joseph self-medicates to deal with his unlife. Since he was and still is a vampire hunter, he clings to his mortal companions which results in additional distress and they age and die. He made the mistake of trying to turn a long term partner against her will. She set herself on fire after she turned so he has some intimacy issues.

William has disconnected from what little humanity he ever had, but he hides it well. He at least recognizes the benefits of being kind, though he is for completely self centered reasons. The only thing that is really keeping him from being a truly dangerous force to be reckoned with is his ADD. He is easily distracted and absolutely consumed by whatever he chooses to research at any given moment to the point he rarely eats or sleeps. He has no interest in politics among his fellow elder vampires or the mortal world at large unless they can be used to make his magical studies easier.


My MC is a little troubled, but at least his sunny personality shines through even with all the bad thing happening to him.
His main issues would be:
-the curse that has made him a killer
-rather impossible task he has been put up with
-the amnesia he has regarding the people he has met
-not being able to walk away from his problems
-loneliness that comes from being isolated

However, he is a social butterfly when he is finally able to reach out to someone, he loves to sing and is very playful by nature, doing small pranks and stuff.


Sorry, this is quite beside the point here, but I love the names you have given to your characters, all the way from Finnish one to more exotic ones. Tähti is such a pretty name, so is Kallias. They seem to be very interesting characters, too!


Oh boy. So many issues

-Lilith: stubborn to a fault, isolation is her favorite past time. She’s angry and depressed and lashes out a lot which causes major issues.
-Oliver: Does what he wants when he wants to do it. Bad impulse control. He sucks at being nice and is even worse at doing what he’s told.
-Quinn: Agency/Executive function. Most of the time even considering doing something makes them want to cry for hours on end so getting the nerve up to do much of anything is… a task. It’s a major problem in their book.
-Evelyn: Stubborn to a fault, too self-assured in her knowledge, prone to bouts of anger when things don’t go her way. Overthinks a lot.
Charlie: He’s a couple of steps shy of a petty criminal so… graffiti isn’t good. He also suffers from a lot of body issues, both because he’s trans and because he’s recovering from the eating disorder. The latter fucked up his heart pretty good.


Thank you!

I fell in love with the name ‘Tähti’ when I first saw it♡︎ I’m so glad I have a character that suits the name now. ‘Kallias’ has gotten me stuck into researching Ancient Greek mythology again though; it barely relates to the book he’s in at all but I’ve somehow convinced myself it’s necessary? lol

Your MC sounds great, and his story sounds really interesting too♡


My main character Allie, from my book Flawed, has Asperger’s Syndrome, OCD, ADHD, Anxiety, and learning disabilities.


I guess my characters flaw is that she thinks she has no flaws, or at least she doesn’t want to admit it.
She’s reserved and cold, but for her that means survival.
She’s forward and rude, but to her that’s honesty.
She’s reckless and risky, but to her that’s fun.


Aurin: Manipulated, abused, and used as a tool. Has killed hundreds, if not thousands of people. Got wrapped up in criminal enterprises doing the only thing he was good at. Immense guilt over his past actions, which he attempts to repress at every turn, by any means available… Until he can’t anymore.

Angela: Is very good at thinking for herself, but her self-worth is tied to the system and circumstances she grew up in. Without any of those mattering, she’ll have to decide her own worth for herself.

Grey: Extreme mood swings. May be unhealthily attached to Angela, to the point where he’ll risk his life to search for her.


I love this topic!

My MC Hyde’s main flaw is that he deliberately turns a blind eye to things that he knows are wrong. Also, when describing him I suddenly was faced with the possibility of him becoming TOO GOOD LOOKING so I broke his nose


Haha, do you know the meaning for Tähti? It means a star in Finnish. :star:

It’s so weird how some names are just necessary. Kallias is very beautiful name, it seems so old in a good way, like your character has traveled through the time. I named my character in another book as Armas, I just really like the name and the feeling of it. Although my character is badass, he is now stuck with the name that means “the loved one” in Finnish. :joy:

Thanks! I’m still working on it tho. :grin:


This is a very interesting topic. Mostly because - reading the comments - I noticed that nobody talked about the “exterior perfection”. I always have been a bit annoyed by this “fashion” of giving a “face” to the protagonists of the stories around Wattpad: usually people choose famous models or actors ending with a cast of super-beautiful characters. I find it “plain”. I mean, why shouldn’t the protagonist of a story be a normal person? Does he/she really needs to have magnetic green/blue eyes, turgid lips, defined abdominals/super breast? In my stories the characters are not beautiful, most of times, instead, they’re pretty ugly, skinny, with lots of lacks, they always make the wrong choice in life and have to face the consequences. I like to read stories of people where I can identify with my “normal” plain/boring exterior aspect.
I would like to introduce my protagonists an their lacks. I drew them cause I chose to don’t identify them with an existing actor/model, so I could create them as ugly as I desired AHAH! Here’s their looks among the three books I wrote.
Fade: the girl. She’s ugly, skinny, don’t care herself at all, very pale and never smile, she has a long scar on her left leg. She’s very moody. Hint: she won’t turn into a supermodel during the story AHA!
Nef: the man. He’s ugly, (but he believes he’s a latin lover), skinny and ruined by too much alchool and smoke. He’s very arrogant.
Jag: the child. He looks like a psychopath, his parents used him as an experiment so his body is covered by scars, he wears (when he grows) big lenses glasses. He’s annoying and actually not mentally stable.
So I ask to other authors above my reply: you mostly listed the personalities lacks of your characters, but how they looks?


For my new story ‘The Devil’s Daughter’ the main characters flaws are;

Iosefka: She’s really stubborn, she also has a very bad temper and she has anxiety, shes also very impulsive, addicted to smoking, doesn’t think at all

Angelo: He is way too loyal to the point he’ll cut his arm off just to prove it, exteremly sneaky and can get away with anything, really defensive, always ready for a fight, good liar, over thinks

Daemon: He’s protective to the point it becomes possesive, trust issues, very impressive manipulatior, he doesn’t care how his words impact others, holds a grudge, gambling addiction.

Jazel: She is over confident and has a rather pushy personalitly, she likes to be the centre of attention as well. Shes chubby and shes like 6ft, these arent flaws but Jazel dosen’t like her body. Constantly seeks aproval from males

Scott: He is just a very moody person, he also has a very bad temper and a large ego. He doesn’t know where the line is, lowkey a criminal. He has small scar above his lip and is insecure about it