Your most interesting character relationships

Just write down a dynamic between your characters you find the most enjoyable/interesting and why you enjoy it.

Alright, I’ll write the dynamics in my book.

Dove is a straight guy dating Samantha

Dove has two best friends; Shriver and Mitchel.

Shriver is in love with Samantha

Mitchel is in love with Dove. Mitchel has a friend named Emilia

Emilia is in love with Mitchel.

Dove is cheating on Samantha with a girl from another world so thats where it gets really complicated.

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An army captain and royal advisor named Elias who has trouble dealing with the princesses husband, Deserello, as Deserello thinks the whole idea of classes and a monarchy is ridiculous. He also struggles to deal with Emperor’s nephew, Blaide, as Blaide thinks he is more important than everyone else including his uncle.

Karot is a pansexual girl who dated Salda, then Salda died.

Karot has 2 siblings, Kale and Turles.

Karot tryed to murder Sadala

Sadala falls for Karot

Karot falls (kinda. In a more stabby way) for Sadala

(I would call it kindaaa kinky…)

Both are really into fighting each other.

Iceber is Kale’s girl friend (Les)

Turles has no love, but is good friends with Cabba, Karot and Salda’s child.

Sadala and Karot get together.

I think that’s it. I have a lot more…

Felicity and her mother, Abigail.

Felicity is the bastard daughter of Abigail Love, the Grand Duchess of the First Region. Her mother faked a miscarriage, and had Felicity sent to live with her father. Then, when Felicity was three, her mother’s husband discovered that she was being unfaithful, and so she tried to have her daughter killed.

When the book takes place, Felicity is twenty and is building a rebel group to take remove the corrupt Royals from power. Her mother gets in the way of her plans though, and instead of taking this as a bonus, she hesitates. She desperately wants her mother’s approval and she can’t fully accept what her mother has done to her. At the same time, the queen is threatening that she will kill Felicity if Abigail doesn’t carry out plans against her.

It’s a painful struggle between a daughter that wants to trust her mother and a mother that is doing terrible things to her daughter in order to protect her, and it ends with Felicity accidentally killing her mother.


Ohhh definitely my conqueror and his prisoner of war wife. She promised him on the day of her capture that he’ll never conquer her or her people in this lifetime. He responds by holding 8000 of her people hostage to keep her from ending her life and promises to kill them every time she tries to run or defies him. Also promised her she’ll have his son and he’s going to raise and her son to raid her home just to prove it. She then swears to live just to see him die, uses his love for her to plan and plot his murder quietly over 18 years. He knows it but keeps her around for the challenge (and the love for her) and tries to kill her at one point when she went too far. They’ve been at it for two decades. It is not yet clear to me who wins the game (I think she will lol). And in the middle of all this is the son being torn in the middle by his parents who have opposite plans for him. The mother is losing on that front because he looks like his father and she is torn between wanting to kill her son because of the father and loving him. He knows it and hates his mother for it. A huge mess all around. Angst glorious angst. _ They are, however, sort of side characters lol

The main couple is a man in love with a woman who must marry for power and as her sworn sword for life he must support her and stay within boundaries knowing he has to be there to watch her marry and have a dozen kids with another man who will probably abuse her and he can’t touch her husband.

The other side couple consists of the sons of two rival tribes who love each other and are destined to fight. They know that future is coming but can’t break the relationship. And no, there is no possible way for them to not kill each other. They both carry that responsibility. It isn’t going to end well.

I’m quite anxious to see what happens to all of them because I literally don’t know XD. They bloody write their own stories.


Angst glorious angst :heart::heart::heart::heart: I love it.

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I actually love my protagonist’s dynamic with the my villain. She’s stuck in a nonconsensual marriage with him, which is often brutal and abusive, but it also means that she comes to understand him on a very deep level. He is also very conniving and manipulative, so there is a constant power struggle between the two of them. He always knows how to back her into a corner, and she must use her wits and resourcefulness to escape.

But really, my favorite scenes to write always involve just the two of them talking. I just love the tension that’s always in the room as she either tries to wheedle information out of him or he tries to blackmail/intimidate her into submission.


Frank Barron, smartass child prodigy, has two women in his life. One is his much older foster sister Louisa, who is a werewolf. The other is his girlfriend, Flavia, who is as bright as he is but whom polio has left physically frail. She’s mentally tough, though. Flavia and Louisa get on like a house afire: smoke, flames, screaming…

Sylvia vs the king has always been my favorite scenes. The room freezes over every time they’re there together. I love those two.

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The scenes between Zahara and the Salar are always my favorite. She can play him like a fiddle. It’s amazing to read.

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They’re absolutely uncontrollable and will proceed to strangle each other if I leave them unattended too long. Inconsiderate Bastards.

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Well, you can’t leave them unattended for too long then. They’re too much fun to watch to let either of them die too early.

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My most favorite character relationship is between a mother, Penelope and middle child, Juliette.

Penelope was from a rich family and married into the Montgomery family who is twice as rich as her family. She values strict upbringing, just like she endured and strongly believes in lady-etiquette: that girls should always act lady-like.

While Juliette embodies everything opposite to what her mother believes. She explores everything and does not see the whole through a girl’s perspective but through the eyes of the world itself. Her biggest inspiration is her father and how he is constantly improving herself.

I absolutely love who these two characters parallel each other. Each character sheds light on the others growth and acceptance towards each other. Penelope begins to understand what Juliette views as important and grows from the realization that an image is not as important as doing the things you love and accepting wholeheartedly the people you love, even if they are not of your status. While Juliette takes a few pages out of her mother’s hand book and learns that the world at large is 2-dimentional. Unlike what she learns with her father and the professor in the class room, collectively small details and unknown feelings are hard for the world to grasp. The way you look, your perspective and biases, shift the meaning of many complicated things.

I think quite often the middle child gets pushed over and has to fight to show who they really are so it was great making her the protagonist of the book, to let her voice be heard.

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Probably my male MC, Jude, and his son, Jack, who is three. Jude doesn’t consider himself to be a good dad (and in some respects he’d be right). He never talks about his son with other people and he drops him off with his sister each weekend so he can DJ and basically get fucked up and screw around. But when no one is looking he is adorable with him. He’s trying his best to be a single dad and not always succeeding. The book ends when Jack is sixteen and you see their relationship grow over the course of the story - the son teaching his dad a lot about what it is to be a good person.

It’s a side relationship but I picked it because while I write love stories, a father-son relationship is not something I ever have - or ever will have - direct experience of irl so it was fun getting into it and learning from/observing my dad-friends.

My favorite character relationship is in my current novel, between Cierra and Melody. Cierra is the MC, she is disabled and epileptic while Melody is the mother of the LI Nathan. Melody tells Cierra a lot more things than she’d tell her children that brings them closer, she got her a book deal with the help from her daughter at her future son in law’s company and Cierra is now in an agreement of marriage with Melody’s son.

The question is Melody using Cierra or not?

I haven’t got that far yet to answer that question.

The drapple/dramione love triangle :green_apple: :eyes:

My favorite at the moment is the dynamic between my main characters Florence and Luke in The Art of a Woman, largely because the latter is based on an old friend of mine. It’s kind of ironic, actually: back when I conceived the character, he and I were still on good terms, so I found it difficult to look back on the good times and put it on paper. Years after our friendship crashed and burned, I come back to my draft, and, well… it’s been smooth sailing so far. I thought writing about him would hurt more, but it actually helps put the unresolved feelings to perspective.

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I like the dynamic between my main characters, Khalid and Jiya, both of them are stuck in a place against their well and hide a dark past that forced them to stay there, although they are very different, Khalid is quiet and shy while Jiya is loud and bold, but they get along very well because she finds a good listener in him while he sees the world in its true colors through her eyes.

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Aight, so I’m gonna revisit this.

Dove is apathetic, bottling up all his emotions, and becomes incredibly toxic. He is a bad fit for Sam who wants to break up with him, but feels societal pressure to stay with him because he just went through a terrible trauma. She fears people will see her as heartless for leaving him now. But she’s cheated on him before with a guy named Parker.

Parker and Dove hate each other because they are so similar. They see their flaws in each other and hate it.

Mitchel is physically attracted to Dove, but his struggle through the story is his romantic attraction to Emilia whom he has no physical attraction for.

All the while Shriver feels like Sam is in a terrible relationship and he wants to comfort her and be there for her. Because he thinks if he is a nice guy then she will date him because he deserves it.

Finally, Dove is cheating on Sam initially because he wants to gain power over another city on another planet which is definitely where the story gets really fucking complicated. But he faces how horrible he is and wants to change, but the girl from the other world doesn’t want to let him go.

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