Your Opinions Needed

Hi Everyone… How are you all doing?? I have a short story for all of you… And I need to know what do you guys think will happen or should happen?

Once upon a time, a girl with her friends study at college, the girl’s life was as simple that… But someone changed her simple life…

She sat at the third bench of the class, from where the class door could be seen, and from there a Sir passed their class, who wasn’t their Lecturer, but the other section students…

The girl didn’t knew when she started crushing on the Sir, and her friends were confused at her behaviour… Whenever the Sir passed their class, the girl shouted “SIR” and then smiled at her friends…

Later, she revealed to her friends about the crush she was having, one friend said “Give me one order, and I will get all his information”. One friend just smiled at her… And the last friend said “It is madness, whatever you’re doing”…

The girl very well knew what she was doing, and what she will get in return, but she could’nt do anything because Crushes happen in a blink of an eye

So now as you have read this short story, give me your opinions, what might happen next?

@_nz00 Hmm It seems like a riddle! But if it isn’t, and I was the girl, I would just go and talk to the guy!

In reality she will probably take the friend who just smiled and do something with her. :slight_smile:

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Well, it’s not a riddle… I genuinely needed an opinion, you said you would just talk to the guy, but he is a lecturer, not a guy of our age so what about this?

And the friend who smiled, she is just a simple girl, so that’s the reason she just smiled, and gave no advice for the girl… And what are you talking about she would do something with her friend?? :thinking:

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Ahhh okay! I was convinced it was some kind of riddle! :open_mouth:
So here is what she should do–(in my opinion). She should go to the lecturer sometime after class and ask him a question about the material that he covers. Then, she should use that as a stepping point into other conversation. At the same time, she uses her one friend to begin finding out all possible information, and the friend that thought it was madness should start screaming at her, and there could be a dramatic friend break up…or something like that. :slight_smile:

And I didn’t know she was a simple girl or I wouldn’t have said that. :slight_smile: I was thinking mYsTerIoUs!

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Hmmm!! That’s interesting, thank you for the opinion… But I will tell you a secret…

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*perks up ears * I’m listening! :smiley:

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Well that’s a secret… :wink: Told you in PM…

Awesome! I’ll head over there now! :smiley:

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Dear …that girl didn’t have any info about that sir
May be he already married man or may be engaged person . …
May be that 3rd friend is saying right it’s madness to that girl which she have crush at sir .


Or if this story is a real part of life . So its a masive madness bcoz these year going to b end of colleges :grin:

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Yup, I myself have the same questions, the girl already thought that ‘she is stupid to think about him, maybe he is enjoying with his wife’ …

Ahem ahem, don’t remind me about that… :frowning_face:

Nice thought. .

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Thank you :bowing_man:

I think the short story is interesting

The story could explore the challenges of a student teacher relationship. I think you might want to write a chapter from the perspective of the teacher.

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It’s a little confusing, because in American English ‘sir’ is not used that way. You’d say ‘a professor’.

And, yeah, she should stay away. For so many reasons, teacher/student relationships are a bad idea.


This line caught my attention. Do her friends see this Sir? Or is she the only one that sees him. Also it doesn’t say that he smiled at her just her friends. This makes me think one of them is a spirit. But I tend to wright more supper natural stories than current romance.


Your idea is interesting… Thanks for it…

That’s what I thought, but look at the main thing, it’s just a crush, it had be over before we know it, isn’t it?

No, it’s nothing of super natural, it’s just a simple crush story… Her friends too see him, but the girl focuses on his timings of the sir passing through their class door… And the friend who smiles at her, she is just an introvert, so she didn’t comment on her crush…