Your PERFECT Opening Line



Any suggestions?


None - since I don’t know anything about your story, it’s too hard to suggest an opening line.


Maybe you could try something ironic like writing, I was having fun with my friends but then silent thunder struck in the distance.


The black haired girl who went by her nickname Rue was supposed to be in bed.


“Lay down your spear, Qaram.”


It’ starts in an asylum


That actually sounds like a much better opening line than the lightning one above.

“It all started in an asylum. Lightning struck far away. A storm was coming…”


Instantly grabs my attention. A thousand questions instantly fills my head:

Who is Qaram?
Why is he holding a spear?
Who is telling him to put it down?
Why should he put it down?

I’ll definitely read on


Here is mine from War Orphan:

A cool breeze plays with Maria’s hair as she waits for the lynch mob.


I love your Qaram story. Excited to


Aw, bless.

Wait, is this one from War Orphan or War Bride? Because I remember reading it before and being positively impressed.


That one if from War Orphan (the novella told from the guy’s POV)


From my first story here on Wattpad:

When he came out of his mother’s womb, the doctor screamed, the midwife fainted, and when the nurse started to clean the infant off, the father said, “Don’t bother. I’m going to drown it.”



This is terrific


Thanks – I like your line, too




From a story I plan on writing far in the future:
“The clown threw it’s nose at me.”


Thank you :smiley:


I find it funny I came across this topic, because I’ve been struggling with a new first line since last night! :rofl:

I can try to dig for a good one that I’ve made, but I consider my opening sentences poor. :sob:


This is the rough idea for an opening line for a story I’m planning to write. It’s not final and I literally just thought of it minutes ago ;w;

“Lone is silent. Lone never speaks.
But I can hear her every time she squeezes my hand. It hurts.”