Your Pet Peeves (In General)


Share your biggest pet peeves(may it be in WP or real life)!

I also need stress relievers.

Here’s a couple of mine:

    Readers: I am confused, where’s the heroine?
    Me: facepalm
  • People who take off your bag from a seat and set it somewhere without your permission so that their group of cliques can get to sit together. Can you not? I saved that spot!
  • Me: So! What do you usually do when you’re bored?
    Them: I dunno.
    Me: Do you have hobbies?
    Them: I dunno.
    Me: facepalm


People who can’t :slight_smile: shut :slight_smile: up :slight_smile:

For real… sometimes silence is okay. If there is silence, you have no obligation to fill it.


When I say something, like for example, “Bob.”
Then someone else is like, “Pop?”
And I’m like, “No, I said Bob.”
And the person is like, “NOOOOO YOU SAID POP, I HEARD YOU!”
And I’m like, “Honey, I said Bob. I know what I said.”
And they’re like, “NOO! I HEARD YOU SAY POP.”
Like, dude, I know what I said, because it came out of my mouth, not yours! Not my fault you’ve got too much earwax.


It really depends on a situation to me. If a person just keeps going on and on about their date, I would likely stopped listening at “so our date went like this” or how cute their date is.


Me: I have focus problems.

Them: Just try to focus.

Me: F A C E D E S K


I’m usually pretty okay if I consent to the conversation, but if it’s just somebody dicking around in class… how does it feel to be an obstruction to everybody else’s concentration, I wonder? Does it feel good? Is that why??


Jesus christ on a fucking pogostick that “just try” thing bugs me so MUCH

Me: I need the subtitles, I really can’t process dialogue in shows and stuff that well—
Them: Just try harder. Just listen.
Me: I’m—I—you know what, I’ll just go buy the book…


Yes! Thank you!

I usually watch shows with subtitles!


I am naturally obnoxious at days, so I can’t say I am completely out of the hook there since I can get rather passionate. :joy:

However, what I can’t handle is when I am being put in a position where I have to listen to a bunch of nonsense that has nothing to do with me.


Customers who are on the phone at the register.
People who ask me how I am. I HATE that question.
People who say they gonna do something but they bail.
People who don’t read things properly. (Comments, book titles, descriptions, anything that can be read.)


People who tailgate.
People who drive too slow.
Strangers who think they have business to tell you what to do in your life.

May add more later.


i say hi to someone
they say hi back
i say hi back
they say hi back
i say hi back
they say hi back
i say hi back
they say hi back
i say hi back
they say hi back
i ask why we say the same things back and forth
they say they dont know
it repeats

my conversation with every fucking actual friend i have

also friends who say they care about you then leave 5 fucking seconds later.


Don’t we all? :joy:

Tell me about it!


I get those conversations with some folks around here too.

And I just end up stopping the conversation from there, haha.

I feel so mean, but I’m sorry, I don’t know what else to say!


Most times when people tailgate, they don’t realize I’m not going slow for the hell of it. Its because someone in front of me is slow and I refuse to tailgate even slow drivers, so they have to go around.

Or I’m already going over the speed limit and I ain’t about to get a ticket for their impatient butt.


THIS IS SO FREAKING ANNOYING. I live in California so we are infested with speedsters and I hate them with a burning passion. Like, I am already going 10 over the speed limit and these a-holes have the nerve to be up in my business and then CUT me off?

People who don’t pay attention
People who don’t say excuse me
When people start packing their stuff before the professor finishes the lecture. It’s so rude.


Sometimes, when I’m really pissed, I go slower when people tailgate me. Other times I really am just leaving a cushion space between me and the car ahead of me and I’m forced to go the speed I’m going.


THISSSSS. :clap:


Most times if people tailgate me and I’m already speeding, I go slower so they’ll pass me. Rarely is someone every next to me to keep them going slow. They can just pass me.


My biggest pet peeve: When I tried to high five my cousin yesterday and he put his hand up I so when I jump to get it I get his wrist instead. :roll_eyes:
I high fived his face but I still want to murder him. :dagger: :hocho:


Another pet peeve: Books that have too many unecessary pictures.

Please don’t bombard those everywhere! I like pictures, but not everywhere!