Your Pet Peeves (In General)


When you slip on some socks on a cold night, only to realize there is a big hole, leaving your toes undefended from the freezing winter oxygen called “air”. (Me right now.)


When I’m reading a book and then someone comes up and asks me what the book is about, or when I’m writing and someone asks me the same. Books are supposed to be my excuse to be antisocial, and it really bums me out when it doesn’t work out that way.


Me: “What’s up?”
Other person: “The sky”



Chewing with your mouth open!
And petting my service dog in training without my permission/making kissy faces/staring forever/ talking to me through them while we are doing stuff. Just no, like, lady, I just want to eat my dinner, my dog just wants to work, and you are being rude.


I always felt bad for the professors! Especially when they’re still trying to explain something and everyone is packing their stuff or getting up from their chairs. I always made a point to wait until they finished.

Hmm I think my top three are:

Being interrupted while speaking, especially when one does it multiple times during a conversation.
People who demean others.
When people feel entitled, for some reason, to touch me without my permission. (Usually my long hair, clothes and fingernails. I like to paint my nails and had many ask whether I get them professionally done at a salon. I once had someone actually try to pull my fingernail off because she was convinced it was fake. One of the weirdest things that had ever happened to me.)


My friend always experienced that! She was in a school program that trained animals to serve as service animals. People would constantly come to play with the dogs while we were training them. Even after she would tell them that we were training they either didn’t listen or just get offended.


That feeling of leaving something behind while leaving home… only to later in that day find out you did leave something at home.

  • People who don’t bother to scroll up in a group chat and/or just ask for a summary.

“What’re you guys talking about?”

Gee I dunno maybe scroll up two inches and you’ll find out.

  • This goes for direct messaging too. Sometimes I’ll send two messages, about different things at different times, and the person only looks at the most recent one. Hello, do I need to send that message again for you to see?

  • People not opening the full image you sent. Y’know how when you send an image it’s usually cropped to a thumbnail preview or something?

“Yeah that thing was in the screenshot I sent you.”

“Oh I didn’t open it.”

  • Not doing the dishes and/or not putting the dishes away at the end of the day. I’ll even tolerate two days. But the girls I’m living with…they leave their dirty dishes in the sink for a WEEK at a time, or have their clean dishes just sitting in the drying rack for even longer.

  • When people complain about something they totally have control over, and when you ask them if they’ve tried to do anything about it they just say “Nah I’m too lazy.” Okay dude? Stop whining then!


My weird and outlandish and offensive pet peeves -

“It’s your responsibility”
“Let me give you some advice”
“Just do it”
“'Cause I told you so.”
“I understand”
“If I were you”
“The same thing happened to me”
“I know how you feel”
“Be positive”
“Have a positive mindset”
“Just relax”
“Do you want to be depressed?”
“Why don’t you just change?”
“You always do this”
“Just try”
“If you try your best, you’ll succeed”
“Be happy”
“Stop being so ____”
“Just keep trying”
“You’re not trying hard enough”
“You should be grateful”

Yeahhhhh this is why I am a reverse friend magnet haha


If all you had to do to do something was try hard enough, then the world would either be a paradise or a smoldering mess because of all the failed attempts of great benevolence or great destruction would have succeeded.




Stop. Slurping. On. Your. Soup. Or drink for that matter.


I can never finish my stories and mainly people going to a restraunt and ordering nothing but a salad and water. Also wasting food drives me insane.


the sc–crr–aa-tch sound with nails… ughhh


I’m this person. I just REALLY love salad and water… I just finished a chicken caesar salad and drank some water… I just seriously love salad and water.


I suffer from misophonia so one of my biggest peeves are people who like chewing, slurping, or breathing loudly.
People with low hygiene.
Super sensitive people/PC people.
When I am clearly busy talking on the phone at work and someone comes up and start talking to me as if I can focus and reply to 2 conversations at the same time.
Friends who do not accept the fact that I go through introverted phases where I do not wanna socialize with anybody.
Obnoxiously loud people.
Arrogant smug men.
People with super old traditional mentalities.


People who say “you need to”…



Sarah, you need to smile a little bit.



You need to calm down.