Your Pet Peeves (In General)



When someone leaves the sponge wet and/or directly in the sink.

“So, when are you going to marry?” (Marry who, exactly? I haven’t been on a single date in my entire life.)

People trying to set me up with people, especially if their reasoning is “you share that one interest, you’d get along great.”

  • List item When people say KK… Like just say OK…


Bugs. I hate bugs. I know they’re important and all but they are gross. :bug: :spider:
And people know I hate even the mention of them so they say the most disgusting stuff like: “Bugs are crawling up your legs.”


And then I have to be nice and not punch their nose in.


I have another to add because it just happened to me.

when people who are walking in front of you through a door that’s closing and they squeeze themselves through the gap and let the door close in your face instead of holding it open.


My pet peeves include: when people dribble left with their right hand, missing a lay-up, loose hairs… So on.


When you say you haven’t consumed a certain piece of media and everyone else exclaims in horror, “What is wrong with you?” and then cast you out of society.


Hoo, boy… Have I got a list. Hope nobody minds if I get a little too ranty.

  • People who comment “plz update”, or anything along those lines. And not just on my story, but on other people’s, too. It grates at my nerves because we all have lives, and even if we’re not busy we can’t always summon up motivation or inspiration to write with. If you’re going to read my or anyone elses’ story, you need to have patience.

  • People who comment requests on my stories. It’s kind of nice, because hey, they like my work- but it’s more annoying because I never put anywhere ‘I do requests!’. (I used to do requests, but there was a specific story I did it on and that’s long gone.)

  • Getting chewed out for something while everyone else does it, and they never hear a single word about it. (And this is solely because of a game thread on Wattpad I used to participate in. It felt like every time I turned around I was getting PMed by the host like “Dani you did something wrong again”. Then the next day another user did the exact same thing and they still do it without ever being called out on it.)

  • People using their art books or funny one-shot books as rant books. That’s not the purpose of the book, so why

  • People who don’t backread important stuff. (This happened a lot on the game thread. New users would pop up asking ‘how do I play’. THERE WERE RULES AT THE TOP OF THE THREAD. THE VERY BEGINNING.)

  • People who hate on Undertale just because it’s a ‘mainstream’ game. Additionally, people who hate on Undertale AUs like Underswap or Underfell just because they’re so popular.

  • Looking at innocent fan art on Pinterest, then you scroll to the related images and- oh, there’s very inappropriate picture. (Common with Undertale and Beyblade fan art, particularly.)

  • “The new Beyblade generations will never beat the original generation.” IT’S ALL BEYBLADE CAN’T WE GET ALONG


when people chew loudly :slight_smile:


I actually do this a lot it’s because my hands are all full and that I’m small and the door is extremely heavy.


When my boyfriend sends voice messages instead of texting it out.
Self centered people.
Fake people.
Bacon on burgers.
People who chew with their mouth open.
People giving me an attitude.
Being left on read on a text message.
People who don’t use their turn signals.


My littlest sister is a brat but I end up getting in trouble because I trying her to stop sassing me, my other siblings, and my Parents (yeah, they let her.)
And she gets away with it because they think she has a learning disability. I think she does. It’s called: being the youngest so you get coddled and don’t have to do anything.


I am cool with that, this kind of thing usually just drives me crazy because it’s cheaper when you buy it at home and to me you are not supposed to eat healthy at a restraunt.


I guess I’ve never heard about that… Healthy people like to go out to eat too though.


That’s true but I think that some people are just too obsssesed.


I’m not even healthy… I just love salad…


Salads are good. Depends on the salad tho.


I understand that. Sorry if I upset you or anything.


I’m not upset, I was just confused.


Ok, but if I ever do upset you for any reason please let me know. Sometimes I speak my mind without thinking and I would hate it if I accidentally said something to hurt someone feelings.