Your Story is New? I want to support you! [UPDATE]

Hi Y’ALL! Getting A LOT of private messages asking when I’ll get their story :slight_smile: Just wanted to let your know I’ve gotten bunches and bunches of replies. I’ll get to it as soon as possible. If you’re not on my “recommended to me list,” you’re on a notepad on my desktop.

I see you, I’ll get to you!

Just know that I wasn’t as specific at first and I should have been.

I try my best not too read too much mature stuff. It’s a boundary that I have.

Basically if the violence, cursing, sex, nudity, etc. does nothing to develop the plot I won’t read it. If sex, nudity, etc. is the plot…I won’t read it.

You guys are all good writers! I just have boundaries for myself

I am a new writer/reader on Wattpad. I know how hard it is to gain a following.

I’m just one person…but I’d like to support you.


  • Romance
  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction (Victorian/Georgian/medieval etc.)
  • Fairy tale retelling (honestly, should be it’s own genre)



Andy is young and full of life. She is quite the genius with a keyboard, and she has a real talent when it comes to programming. She might be considered a bit of an eccentric, as most of her interests place her in the geeks and nerds category. She has just started her new job, in a new city, at a very promising firm.

Everything seems to be going great, except that she is a woman in a field ruled by men, and she will have to work twice as hard as anyone to prove her worth. She intends to do just that, but her arrogant, seemingly misogynistic boss is in the way.

As the days pass, she bonds with Oliver, her co-worker, with whom she shares a lot of interests. With Oli, everything is easy and comes naturally, it’s like they have known each other forever, and she starts to wonder if maybe he isn’t the one for her.

However, as hard as she tries, she can’t shake the very conflicting feelings she has toward her obnoxious boss. It doesn’t matter if he is cold and seems to think that his IQ dispenses him from being polite in any way, her body won’t listen to reason.

Torn between her reason and her needs, Andy does her best to keep a sane mind, while still handling a job that she won’t lose for anyone…

“What are you doing?” I asked, not minding if I sounded aggressive.

“Well, I am very curious to see you in action,” Alexander argued. “Is there a problem?” he asked, reaching for his glasses, tucked in his collar.

“I’d prefer to work without you hovering,” I answered, unapologetic.

“Tough luck,” he simply replied as he put his glasses on.

I was about to send him an acerbic remark when my brain forgot how to operate. Oh my… With those glasses, he had just gone from Kal-El to Clark Kent real fast, and I couldn’t decide which version I preferred.

My body couldn’t care less about the fact that he was an ass, and I felt the urge to clench my thighs, to suppress the need that was slowly growing between them.

How was I supposed to focus on my work?


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If you try to steal my script, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career, skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my script go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you. I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.


Depends what you consider new. I’ve been here for just over 2 months, but I have a fantasy/fairytale/Adventure parody you can check out ^^

The UnTitled



A Comedic,
Chapters: 66
On going
Updated twice weekly


Charlie is one of the [un]lucky few who get titled a ‘Damsel’ at birth. When her hero comes to sweep her off her feet, she learns that her destined adventure is the land’s next great erotic romance tale. The problem? Charlie is completely and hopelessly asexual.
She can only hope for a way to escape her fate, and for someone to take her far, far away. But there are worse things in Relme than long flowing locks of hair and moonlit abs.

Especially when you deny your appointed destiny.


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Summary: An abomination is what I was called by others who knew what I am. Half-Goddess and Half-Grim reaper the implications are dreadful. I am the danger that they worry about my stability and powers unknown. I find my way with the help of others for better or worse. I will find the answers I am looking for.

Paradoxical Existence

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I’m surely not new here, but I have a fantasy story that may interest you :slight_smile:

Title: NinRai - MissAdventures For Two

Genres: Action, adventure, fantasy (original world), comedy, parody

Blurb: “Hush, hush, little girl.” The old man rocked a small child. “Stop your tears. Here is a story, perk your ears.”

He patted the girl between her cat ears. “Let me tell you about misadventures of a boy named Kairo and his rabbit partner Arubi from beyond three towering mountains and two bubbling rivers.”

“What misadventures, Grandpa?” The girl stopped her sobbing, wiping the last tear with her clenched paw.

“A many jaw-dropping adventures with butt-proud Camtaurs, Dark Elves in spandex, a cat acrobat or a band of Rorty Thieves with a mountain of treasures hiding in a desert.”

“I love treasures!” The girl threw her arms in the air, crowing.

“Then listen closely. Let the story unfold in front of you.”

The girl’s eyes widened. Her lips spread into a wide smile, showing sharp fangs. The bruised knee stopped hurting with her grandpa’s words.


What people commented:

“This is a nice introduction to Kairo, Arubi, and their world. The scene building is fresh and evocative, and full of fun little references for the alert reader.”

“First of all, the writing is smooth and the descriptions are both picturesque and amusing. I think it captures the sense of whimsy, playfulness, and adventure appropriate for children’s literature while containing enough sophistication and wit to keep it from being a trudge for the adults.”

“So, Kairo is the boy, and Mr. Arubi, of course, is the rabbit. The names are remarkable and unique (I’m curious to know where you got them from).”

“Off the bat, I love the premise and the prologue, and your storytelling technique is unique and refreshing. After reading through the chapter, I’m amazed by the world you’ve built. It’s not typical, and it really stretches one’s imagination.”


Winner in 8+ WP Awards!

Cover by: Me

Rating: PG14 (very light swearing, some fighting)


Title: NinRai – 2 – Face Stealer

Genres: Action, adventure, fantasy (original world), comedy

Blurb (WIP): Kairo had faced many obstacles from closed inns to last-minute dine-and-dash escapades, but this time he may come face to face with his ugliest nemesis. Kairo never cared for his face, but he may lose it literally (figures, this is a book ¯\__(ツ)_/¯)

Publishing: TBA (late autumn or early winter 2019)

Cover by: Me

Rating: PG14 (very light swearing, some fighting)


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Hi I have a book which I recently started with 3 chapters currently so if you’d like to check it out that would be great

He shouldn’t even exist. Just a figment of my imagination and yet here he stands before me as real as the sun in the sky.

Addison Roberts was just a normal girl who turned eighteen and was ready to finish school, graduate and head off to college.

On the day of her eighteenth birthday Addison decides to start writing a new book on the app called Wattpad deciding on doing character sketches first she does one for the characters Theo and Blair basing Blair on herself of course.

The Boyfriend Checklist


Romance, adventure, and historical fiction? I’m hitting them all for you with my unique pirate and cowboy adventure/romance.
Hope you find something great to read! :yellow_heart:


Hey, you accidentally included a link to the main site for your book! If you go to view your book as a reader, you can snatch the link there and that should lead new readers to you. :cupid:

My story isn’t really new, but it is a Fantasy story :slightly_smiling_face:

Summary: After beings of another world kidnap her brother for a mad sorcerer’s schemes, the disfigured ward of Dasos will be sent on the adventure of her life…

Sahara is the young ward of the royal family of Dasos. Despite her kind nature, she is consistently shunned by most of society due to her mysterious origins and a scar that most believe to be a consequence of witchcraft. She is resigned to her place in Dasos, but the death of her grandmother and the monarchs of Dasos brings forth an overwhelming longing for a freedom she has quietly yearned for. There seems to be nothing she can do to change her fate, though.
However, when her adopted brother Nashoba is abruptly kidnapped by shadow-like creatures and a mysterious branded woman, Sahara makes a momentousness decision to follow her brother’s abductors. Suddenly thrust into a spectacular, yet, dangerous world, Sahara discovers a mysterious legend who could help her save Nashoba from a horrendous fate. Now, Sahara must overcome her own insecurities and trust in herself and others in order to brave this enchanting world and, perhaps, discover more about herself than she knew…



Thanks I think I got it fixed now

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Hi there! Feel free to check out my Romance novel, it is ongoing with regular updates :slight_smile:

Life and Love by undefined

Title: Life and Love

Genre: NA Romance (Mature Themes)


Summary:Every girl has that one person she regrets losing. Whether it is just a friend or boyfriend, we all have them. For Haven Clark that guy is Nik, who she hasn’t seen in five years since he was being put into the back of a police car.

When Haven takes a summer long trip to Vancouver to gain some insight on her life she runs into the one and only Nik. Struggling with a range of emotions, Haven tries to fight the urge to reconnect with Nik but the shot at a second chance is just too tempting. With their tumultuous past as a constant reminder, Haven needs to decide if this second chance is worth the risk of allowing the past to repeat itself.


How kind, I hope you might consider my story! You may enjoy :blush:

Fractured Red

Redaliya learned quickly that the world doesn’t give second chances. After an ill-fated choice, her time is ticking; she goes in search of the only things she can’t have. A cure.
A gift given, and the balance tipped;
there is always a penalty to be paid.

Longer Summary

If you asked shifters about a female named Opalescence Alkingsly they wouldn’t understand and if you asked them about the legend of Red, it sometimes sparked a distant memory worn away with the passage of time. However, more often than not it too would be met with a look of confusion.

Legends sometimes fade, forgotten, and lost within the past. But the few that remember, and pass on the tales, for them the legends live on.


From the moment she was born, Red was destined to leave her mark on the world. Both blessed to make a change and cursed to find her end, she wants for something the world cannot give her. A second chance. Her visions were painful, driving her to stain her hands with blood. All Red ever wanted was to wash her hands clean, but as she learns quickly, some stains aren’t so easy to remove.

One family member dead, one curse, and one choice, was all it took to set her along a path with no way out. The consequences of one’s action never give second chances as Red finds out. She travels in search of a cure, and her past will affect her future.

In the end two will have died. One by Red’s hand and one will be her.


Her tale, forgotten by many in the sands of time, her choices built a foundation.


Yes you did! Cute cover!

Honestly…I love romance in general. I’m willing to give anything a shot

I think I’ve been here for around a month now. So it’s kind of new.

Title: A Young Witch’s Journey

Summary: Calytrix is a young witch that just turned 20. She must leave her small home village and explore the world, as it is customary for all witches of her age. The goal is to find her own place in the world and purpose, but magic is declining and there are only a few witches left. She sets off on the journey alone mostly relying only on her book knowledge and magical powers…



adding to my list!

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Adding it to my list!

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Thank you very much :smiley: I hope you’ll like the story!

Adding to the list!

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so intriguing! adding it to list

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