your thoughts on a protagonists (and antagonists) character descriptions

Hey guys, I just finished a book and I’m about to write the blurb for a new book, but the protagonist and antagonist descriptions are giving me a hard time. The protagonist is a cop named Red Young that left his job after having a breakdown of losing his best friend in the line of duty. On the one year anniversary of his partners death, he finds himself being brought back into the police force after an old murder spree that goes beyond time and space had came back and is connected with his best friend back when they were kids. The antagonist I haven’t figured out what he would be yet but he is known as David, the caretaker and he’s only called that whenever he introduces himself to his victims. When the cops finds the victims, they weren’t just killed, they were cremated and their ashes were buried along with tombs stones with their names, date of birth/death and the cause of death and each death is different…much different. Red starts searching for the killer and along with people that not only become allies but they were connected with David as well.

How can I delve more deeper into the characters? What do I need to go towards and avoid?


Well, you can dive into what made David a serial killer. So like his past, his motives, etc.

Well have you heard of “It”? it’s the concept but what to make David as is the hard part :cry:

Yes, I’ve seen the movie. So David isn’t a human? If he’s not, I don’t even think you need to explain it. It’s make him creepier that way.

David goes back into where the goddess and god of time and space had created life in the cosmos. David came from a galaxy that he had lived alone and that fear of being alone forever made him into the monster that he is in the book. He feeds on fear, not on people. He had found himself moving into the cosmos with the goddess and god with life that they had created and ended up being considered as the first fallen. (No one knows what he was at birth and what he fell as.)

Okay, so you have his backstory. I guess I’m confused as to what you’re asking. :sweat_smile:

Well…David is something that’s special. Like his fear is something that he wants to expand from his body and through his victims bodies. His first kill was disturbing as f&&k.

So your question is how do I portray this? Am I understanding this correctly?


Well, you could always have a dual perspective for your book. So some chapters follow Red’s POV and the others follow David. They don’t even have to be in first person; they could be in third.

Okay, thanks! :smiley:

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