Zombie Lovers Come Chat!


Hey everyone, I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner, or checked out the horror side because I’ve been in Fantasy and Vampire genre clubs for a few months now, but finally, I am here.

This is a place for zombie lovers to come talk!

Also, I currently am trying to write a zombie story in a month, and I am stuck.

Kennedy Asterfield, Damien Blaire and Ezra Rogers are three men with very different stories. Their city, Valentine is quarantined and infected roam the streets.

Kennedy is a young police officer and witnesses the initial outbreak which leads to the V.C.P.D. to opening their doors as a safe haven. As survivors flock to the police department, Kennedy knows the situation is a ticking time bomb as people begin to feel ill.

Ezra is trapped inside the school he teaches at with several other teachers and their classes. While watching the news for information, one of the students begin to come down sick, which means time for Ezra and his beloved students is running out.

Damien is a homeless man, so when he finds information he shouldn’t know, he becomes Valentine City’s only hope. He will be the city’s salvation, or it’s damnation.

Description of current/most recently worked on zombie story. The part I am stuck on is in Kennedy’s first chapter. I know where I wanna get him to, I’m just stuck on how to get him out of the current scene so I can move onto the next one.

Anyway, feel free to talk about your current zombie story, you types of zombies and other things! Mature stories 100% welcome, although, personally I don’t know how you can have a zombie story without violence, but if you have one without it, please, talk about it, it would be interesting to learn about other types of zombies and such.

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Is there really no one?


Not a big fan of zombies. I do like the ones in Resident Evil tho, wacky/scary as hell. Have u SEEN the new Resident Evil 2?!

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I have! I so want it, but my computer’s shit and won’t even play the other Resident Evil games I own.


Anyway, I love zombies movies, books, and video games. And some TV shows with zombies. I tried watching TWD, but I think it just went downhill after the prison.

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Side-note: still paying attention to the Telltale version

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I’ve been meaning to give that version a shot since I’ve heard good things about it (things just keep coming up that it gets put off), is it better than the other one?

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Been watching Markiplier’s playthrough


I won’t play the Telltale ones anymore, I may in the future, but the last cat I had before my current one had golden eyes like Clementine, so I named her Clementine, since my mom gave her away without letting me have a goodbye or seeing her ever again, and to someone who declawed her (the one thing I was NOT ok with) I can’t


That is the most horrible thing… Why? I mean, why? That’s just needlessly cruel.

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Sighing, Kennedy set his phone back on the marble countertop. The place was nice and had come cheap. He knew that in the next few days he’d probably discover the many reasons why.

After going to his room, where he had spent all day unpacking, he got dressed. He had left many of his things at home, he had been lucky the place came with a brand new bed. His was in Minnesota with his mother.

Out in the living room, which he had unpacked that morning, Kennedy looked out the huge glass windows. Thousands of lights twinkled in the darkness, the city had an odd beauty to it, and this view, high up, showed it to him.

This is where I for some reason got stuck with Kennedy, and I think it shows


This might just be a ‘I’m misreading’ moment, but it says he spent all day unpacking his room but then that he spent that morning unpacking the living room? Did you mean ‘day’ as in like ‘all evening/afternoon’ or something like that?


I know, I understood she couldn’t keep her because she couldn’t find a place that allowed pets, and this was after my dog I had since I was 2 (was 14 at the time this all happened, going into my first year of highschool) was euthanized, looking back, I could tell the last time I was with her, she knew somehow what was coming. She said goodbye to me that time, the last thing I said to her was “I’ll see you in two weeks Moo Moo” (her name was Mushu) two months went by, then half of another one and I was being rushed to the hospital with what I thought was a broken ankle (turned out to be a severely sprained one) when my mom called my dad. My dad and my sister watched as my world was shattered when she told me my dog died. She at the time said she found her on the floor already gone. After a week, I knew something was up, I called her out on it and she told me she had her euthanized, she said she was forced.

Almost 3 years later and still no full truth. Everyone who knows my mom and her husband thinks her husband had a hand in it. He had been looking for a way to be rid of my dog for years, and she was the best dog you could ever ask for.

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All evening/afternoon


I’m so sorry. That is just, I don’t even have the words. It’s terrible to lose a pet but to lose one like that, I can’t imagine.

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It was because of my dog dying, me making the hard decision to cut my mom out for almost 2 years because her situation was affecting my mental health as well as my cat and still struggling with something that happened with his previous wife that my dad got my current cat for me as a birthday present (I had asked for a puppy, he said no because of the issues we have with my brother’s dog, so he talked to my stepmom/new wife and she talked him into compromising with me to get a kitten) this was after almost a year of him trying to figure out where my ‘lust for life’ had went and how to help me heal since I was beginning to isolate myself (really the only thing I know how to do, it’s how I feel safest my mom has noticed, so she understands that pushing me out into the light makes it worse but also understands when that push is necessary)


I’ve forgiven her since, but I haven’t forgotten, and I’ve told her that in person. She knows it will take awhile to rebuild my trust to where it had been, but my decisions to seperate myself from her made her realize things about her own situation. She showed my grandmother the divorce papers, apparently she had made plans with my grandma, my mom said when she passed, she cried for over an hour next to where my grandma had died because she went just before they put the plan into action. She showed the papers to me, and has been looking for a job so she can know when the time comes she can make it on her own.


Holy shit, this scene and the Last of Us soundtrack combined are making me tear up, poor Damien, things are only gonna get worse for him, I also know what happens to him over all too, which makes this even sadder:

“Fine, the warm food part is what convinces me.” He grumbled. “So Martin, how did ya know where ta find me?” Damien asked him.

“This is always where you hide out Damien, you aren’t a hard man to figure out. Here, you’ll need this.” Officer Martin said as he handed Damien a blanket.

“Thanks…” He said, slowly unfolding it and wrapping himself in it as Officer Chelsea opened the door to the police car for him. “So, is it rain or snow that we’re gettin’?”

“Rain, the river is expected to flood.”

As Damien watched out the window, the heat from the vents of the car began to lull him to sleep.

“Maria, please, don’t leave me!” Damien begged his wife.

"I’m sorry, Damien. I love you, I love you so much. But I can’t. I just can’t, not after what happened to Jason." She told him, tears welling in her eyes, her beautiful dark hair slowly falling to cover her face. She wiped at her eyes, but the tears continued to come.

“Maria!” He called after her as she drug her suitcase with her out the door of their apartment. “Maria…” Damien said as he slumped to the floor, not only had he lost his son, but now he was losing his wife as well.

“Damien!” Officer

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Also, zombie part is coming up soon