I’m Amber, a 25 year old Creative Writing & Psych grad.

I work as a video game Scriptwriter and Social Media Marketer and spend the rest of my time writing, gaming, hanging out with my fiancé, and taking care of my cats.

I’ve been a silent reader on Wattpad for years, but I’ve only been writing for a little over a year and a half now. All of my books are Romance of varying genres (Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Drama, ect) and I enjoy writing books that play on tropes and break away from norms.

:heart: My Books: :heart:

Sold: Saiea craves control over her own life but when she’s put in servitude to a handsome dragon mage who possesses dangerous magick will she obsess over gaining power or choose to surrender her control?

Chasing Beasts: After Sonya fails to save her family from a monster, she seeks absolution by protecting others. But when she re-encounters the monster, will she defeat it or break beneath the guilt of her past?

Vice: When Natara is hired as secretary to a notoriously difficult-to-work-for company heir, she is determined to succeed at her job, no matter the cost.

Seven Dates: When Ash comes out to her friends as lesbian, they suggest she goes on seven dates to confirm her lesbianism before she comes out to her parents.

Cyra: As a new shapeshifter, Cyra learns she must choose a mate in order to continue the bloodline. But what happens when her life mate isn’t the same boy she loves?

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