Head moderator of EBG, the Epic Battle Game, where characters from many stories interact and battle with each other. The setting ranges from fantasy forest, an ice tundra, blazing volcano, floating islands, dark castles, the outer space, a typical high fantasy kingdom, to the real world and many places in here. Always feel free to join us! :slight_smile:

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Hello, I’m just an ordinary boy, and a small one. I’m what one that you can consider “older than it looks” and who’s often mistaken as a girl as well. A proud Trap Master Race unless that I’m not good enough to be a real trap~ :3

I’m a big fan of anime and video game, but also consumed any other media, from books to TV series. My works are mostly inspired by anime and video game, with most of them geared to be made into a video game, and some geared to be made into a comic or manga.

Main Stories Series:

Crossing Illusion (3 books in total)

Alter Chronicles (5 games in total)

Destiny Revolution (More than 5 books, designed to be an anime)

13th Forbidden (Only one book, and a small book)

Messiah of Stars (Only one book being planned so far)

Death Syndrome (5 games at minimal)

Shepherd of Souls (No definite limit so far)

Monochrome’s Law (3 games)

Nethergate (Could be 1 or 2 books)

The Banishment (Most likely just 5 games)

Celestial Era (Uncertain span)

Arcane Edge (My biggest video game project so far, no limit yet)