Hello to every gem out there!

My name is Ellen FairyBlue-a unique name-yes, I know!

I’m a new writer hoping to improve my skills so don’t be afraid to point out my errors. I won’t bite, but the most I may do Youis ask you why out of curiosity. ^.^

Anywho, I’m interest in anything and everything fiction, so if you have a story feel free to recommend it to me. However, I do ask that you take a look at my stories as well, just to be fair.

With that being said, I must return to write and reading, so an adieu to all you sparking gems out there!

I don’t do follow for follow, sorry.

••••Reading Requests are ones I take, so long as you return the favor.^~^••••

Current Projects:
–>Tainted Hearts (Highest ranked #132 in horror) (To Come Again)
–>The Moon & Grim Reaper Trilogy:
Book 1: Tales Beneath A White Moon (A novel, finished Oct, 7, 2016)(#831)
Book 2: Reaping of the Mourning Moon (A novel)(#928)
Book 3: Grim and Tragic (A novel #81)
–>You May Be Alpha, But So Am I ( #571 in werewolf)(Complete)
–>Make Me Yours
–>Foxy Fun (#716 in Fantasy)
–> Where Are They Now? (Interview Book) (Highest Ranked #49 in Random)
–>Terribly Demonic (highest rank #325 in paranormal) (To Come Again)
–> The Fine Line (highest rank #265 in vampire)
–> One Mutual Love (CPN)

Projects To Come:
+Short Stories (My own collection of different fiction stories)
+The Half-Blood Mate
+The Journey (title subject to change later)
+Secret Pleasure (Will be returning soon)

Social Media:

Textnovel–> http://www.textnovel.com/profile/Ellen-FairyBlue/26836/

Twitter–> https://twitter.com/EllenFairyblue