Good afternoon, Good morning, Good evening. Hi

I should first introduce myself as James. I happen to be 24 and reside in London.
I don’t propose to be any good at this, nor do I wish to be, it’s a nice mindful break from the stress of a first career.

Having just finished college, adult life has come abruptly to my doorstep and I’m not ready just yet and I, like a lot of you, use this as a meditation more than anything. I’m happy to write about anything and enjoy reading about anything.

Writing and Rugby are my great therapies… obviously not at the same time. Daydreaming being the other.
I’m particularly partial to romance, comedy and horror in all forms.

I have also ventured onto fanfiction under the guise of ‘NeptunesGaze’ - A tad cheesy, I know.

For the time being, enjoy.
Feel free to say hi, if you so wish.