:globe_with_meridians: KnightofEmpires

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Hello my lovely Kings and Queens, :crown:

Iā€™m just your average snow loving, bear hugging, tree climbing, moose wrangling, bare back riding Canadian. :canada:

I write twisted tales loosely based off a fairy-tale or a myth; whatever tickles my whimsy. I will be posting stories as the spark strikes and look forward to reading all your fantastical tales. :kissing_heart:

Any reviews would be much appreciated as Iā€™m new to the game and still trying to hone my writing chops.

I am inspired by all manner of myth, fairy-tale, hopelessly romantic, swashbuckling, sword fighting, fantasy, adventure juicy fiction that I can sink my teeth into.

Drop me a PM if you have any stories you would like me to twist :stuck_out_tongue:

Yours Faithfully,

~ Knightly :carousel_horse: