I want to travel and eat every kind of food in every city I go."

*My goals?
All I want is peace, love, understanding and a library BIGGER than the Grand Canyon.

What are my necessities?
I could live without a tv, wifi,iPod, lappy or any other entertainment system you care to mention, Books, However, are a different matter entirely.

What kind of person I am?
I am one of those who tells everybody that they are going to bed but really am going to read until 3 AM.

One of those when any app asks me to rate it I press “later” instead of “never” So I don’t hurt its feelings.

One of those who would rather spend her time with her nose reading about fairytales,love stories rather than facing real world.

Oh,I have got O.R.D(Obsessive Reading disorder)

Oh,and I am a writer too which,of course,is another way of saying:
I live in my own strange fantasy world filled with unrealistic expectations.
Thank you for understanding.

Okay,I suffer from writers block too,it’s when my imaginary friend refuses to talk to me.