《Write. Write until not writing makes you anxious》

《If you don’t see the book you want to read on the shelf, write it》

Hello all!

Student by day, writer by evening,
◇▪◇Just discovering the motivational potential of Avicii’s songs◇▪◇
◇▪◇Just discovering the joy of all graphics-digital painting, covers, banners and aesthetics~ a pain to make, I kid you not◇▪◇
◇▪◇Have an unhealthy obsession with quotes◇▪◇
◇▪◇Get obsessed with any decent fiction book◇▪◇
◇▪◇Swiftie~ Aren’t we all?◇▪◇
◇▪◇Love torturing my readers! I’m a sadist in books!◇▪◇
This is the story of a teen writer who aims to make writing her living…:heart::heart:

|my work|
The Betrothed Emissary- completed.
Narratio- a compilation of short stories.

You can ask me to make graphic for you- I do everything except aesthetics unless you provide the aesthetic photos, my covers are usually photo manipulations.

Joint account with @silvertongue_20 is @Authors_Imagination