Two books are out.

The Diamond in the rough

The Knight in royalty

I am a editor, do not be scared to hit me up and ask me to edit your book, all I ask for is to be given credit in the chapters I edit.

I’m a small time writer, who has too much time on their hands. I’m always up for helping someone edit their story, and give feedback.
I am always looking for feedback on any of my projects; I spend about 4 or less hours working on chapters, so getting feedback about how to make them better, would be great.

I do online school, so I’m most likely always a couple of chapters ahead In stories.

I’m always down to have a chat with someone on Wattpad, so don’t be shy to come down and say hello, I’ll 99% reply to you, and If I don’t there is always a reason.

I’m also down to working on a story with someone, such as we share ideas with one another, so if you want to do that, hmu, we can always brainstorm!