Hi my name’s Jay, I’m a fairly frequent user of Wattpad, I general write Fantasy/Action/Adventure stories.

I think I’ve been on this site since I was about 14 or 15 and I’m 23 now (yikes)

Wish I could update as much as I used to but sadly work and other things take up a lot of my time.

I keep my old stories up to see how far I’ve come, or maybe how far I’ve fallen because I’m nowhere near as successful as I used to be xD.

Stories in order of publishing (I think)

Solitude: A story about monster hunters, also probably my cringiest story. (Discontinued)

Don’t Touch: what was meant to be a throw away story is hands down my most successful xD. A story of a boy gaining abilities he doesn’t want and is in search of answers while being pursued by Devil’s. (Highest rank #1 for a whole week :O)

Affliction: the sequel to Solitude. Never made it beyond a few chapters. (Discontinued)

Death Stands Alone: story about the Four Horsemen, mainly Death trying to stop the apocalypse. (Discontinued…for now)

Dawn of Vengeance: remake of Solitude series. Many characters are a bit different but the overall plot is the same. I THINK the highest rank was #5 in fantasy.

Devil’s Touch: The highly demanded sequel for Don’t Touch. Following the adventures of the main cast shortly after the events of the first part. (Highest rank was around #10 I think)

Leon Pride: My personal passion project. Story set 100 years in the future following the life of a human and a “demon” as they get involved in things they shouldn’t. (My personal favorite) Highest rank was #15 I believe.

Light of Dawn: Another highly demanded sequel to Dawn of Vengeance. Following the characters as they journey to Japan!

The Source: my latest passion project. In a world of magic a group of characters get involved with a series of characters as they struggle to maintain the balance of life.