I’m Skyler Key, It’s my penpal name. But my real name is Destiny Choyce. You can call me either.

I go to an online school. I am a senior in high school, finally. I have loved writing for years but I have never pursued my dreams, until now. I write books about real problems.

And a lot of my personal experiences in my books, I won’t tell you which. I love debating with people.


I’m planning on doing a lot in my future. I want to be a fashion designer and Entrepreneur. My clothing Line will be called Skyler Key. I don’t Know whey But I love the name.

I love helping people. I plan on volunteering in the future.

You might see me…

On wattpad debating with other wattpad

Voting on your book

Or just talking to others

Helping others

Feel free to follow me and check out my books.

This Is me and I’m not changing for no one.